Token World Conference. Law & Markets in Cryptoassets. April 6 – 9, 2021

Since yesterday, April 6 and until next Friday, April 9, it is being held at the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas ( Madrid) the Token World Conference. Law & markets in cryptoassets. This Token World Conference is directed and coordinated by Alastria Research & Technology Transfer Commission & Legal Committee and the Fintech Law Observatory, Faculty of Law, CID-ICADE, Madrid, led by Prof. Javier W. Ibañez.

The objective of this intercontinental Conference is gathering the expertise and transdisciplinary thorough vision of asset tokenization registered in trading platforms based upon distributed-ledger technology (DLT). The architecture of blockchain facilitates the management and administration of crypto-markets, token issuance and encrypted trading in emerging platforms set upon public-permissioned decentralized ledgers (PDLs) wherein a brand new industry of crypto- or virtual-asset intermediaries VASP / CASP provide blockchain essential services to investors.

This Conference, led by renowned legal experts, shows applied specific criteria to solve major public- and private-law challenges posed by tokenization, providing insights of token contracting, supervision and market infrastructure foreseen in the EU forthcoming legal framework for DLT token trading (MiCA).

It poses key governance issues of securities markets in EU and relevant non-EU national jurisdictions, in accordance with, the 2021 critical comments passed-on to EU COM by DLT industry in form of amendments designed to improve the MiCA Proposal of Regulation of the EU Parliament and the Council. Leading authors of the amendments present herein the vision of DLT industry served by the INATBA Mica Task Force to the EU Commission competent representatives, focusing on public-, company- and commercial-law most relevant issues.

Regarding the second part of the Congress, business economics and strategic leading industry managers will supply their visions on the Public-Distributed Ledger horizon of tokenization and token markets within the forthcoming years. Consumer, banking- and IT-law academicians, DLT-network managers and administrators, supervisor and public-agency specialized officers and directors will contribute to weave a transdisciplinary panorama of consistent alternatives to overcome the current regulatory and strategic barriers still faced by permissioned ledgers (PDLs),oriented to deepen the transformative social and economic digitization brought by the distributed P2P token financing.

I will have to be the honour to close this World Token Conference, particularly opportune in the current moment of MiCA Regulation amendments, next Friday, April 9 to do the aannouncement of Alastria next Conference on «Circulación de criptoactivos: protección del inversor y responsabilidad» (asset transfer: investor protection and liability).